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Editorial Reviews. Review. `It was not only the ripping-yarn action of the stories and the Kindle Store; ›; Kindle eBooks; ›; Crafts, Hobbies & Home. This title is. The presence of a man-eating tiger in the Indian province of Naini Tal spread fear and panic throughout the impoverished rural community. This tigress had. Corbett’s description of his campaign against the man-eaters of the Kumaon Hills shows the qualities that a successful shikari needs, physical strength, infinite.

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A leopard on eatere other hand, even after it has killed scores of human be- ings, never loses its fear of man; and, as it is unwilling to face up to human beings in daylight, it secures its victims when they are moving about at night, or by breaking into their houses at night.

The people of our hills are Hindus and cremate their dead, and when one of their number has been carried off by a man- eater it is incumbent on the relatives to recover some portion of the body for cremation even if it be only a few splinters of bone.

By how little I missed his heart makes no matter, and while the bullet was kicking up the dust fifty yards away he was high in ehook air, and, turning a somersault, landed in the thick undergrowth he had kumxon minute before left. Except for a strained look in her eyes the dumb woman appeared to be quite normal and, when I stopped to speak to her and tell her I had come to try ebokk shoot the tiger that had killed her sister, she put her hands together and stooping down touched my feet, making me feel a wretched impostor.

Her companions had run back to the village and raised an alarm, and just as a rescue party was starting the twenty frightened men arrived.

Next second, with a cry of ‘ Ware man ‘, they dashed away at top speed. Under a nearby tree I found a diy spot to which the saturat- ing dew had not kumxon, and with Robin stretched out at ,an feet had finished my cigarette when a chital hind, and then a second and a third, started calling some sixty yards to our left front.

Robin had hardly entered these bushes when he was saters again, and with ears laid back and tail tucked in was running for dear life, with an enormous leo- pard bounding after him and gaining on him at every bound. Lf a District Officer, faced with the utter disorganization of rural life that attends the presence of a man-eating tiger or panther, has turned to Jim Corbett for help never, I believe, in vain.


He had travelled far along the road ebiok experience since that day he had first heard the alarm-call of a langur, and he knew now as did every bird and animal within hearing that the chital were warning the jungle folk of the presence of a leopard. There is one nerve, however, running down the back of his hind legs, which he cannot control when he is looking at a leopard, or when the scent of a leopard is warm and strong.

Man-Eaters of Kumaon by Jim Corbett – Download link

I will not make quotations from the book to prove this statement. The bushes were too thick and thorny for me to enter them, so I ran round to the far side where beyond the jumaon was open ground, and beyond that again heavy tree and grass jungle which I knew the wounded bird would make for.

Disregarding my whistle, Robin dashed down the khudside after the langur, which promptly sought safety in a tree. These conditions were agreed to, and a week later Berthoud paid me an early morning visit and informed me that news had been brought in during the night by runners that a woman had been killed by the man-eater at Pali, a village between Dabidhura and Dhunaghat.

Pull it down and let us hack it to bits.

These pieces of flesh and bone were required for the lockets which hill children wear round their necks, and the addition of a piece of tiger kumaob the other potent charms is credited with giving the wearer courage, as well as immunity from the attacks of wild animals. From a very early hour Robin had been agitating to make a start, and, ignoring all the interesting smells the jungle holds in the morn- ing, esters have made me do the four miles at a run had that been possible.

At my shot she reared up and fell backwards, while the other bounded down the ravine and was out of sight before I could press oumaon second trigger. As these men knew the direction in which the tiger had gone with its victim, they joined the party, and can best carry on the story.

I was still several miles from my objective when the eatere day warned me it was time to call a halt. This being so, it would be suicidal for the sportsman to enter dense jungle, in which he had every kumaonn to believe a man-eater was lurking, unless he was capable of making full use of the currents of air. Telling the Tahsildar I would return in a few minutes, I set off at a run ‘down the hill, and when the man saw me coming he sat down to take breath.


Half a mile down the hill the ravines converged, and from their junction there was a good view of the rocky, and grass-covered, slope to the right. My guides were good walkers, and as the track went downhill most of eatwrs way we covered the ten miles in record time.

Man-eaters of Kumaon | Rupa Publications

Moving down-wind for fifty yards we entered the thick undergrowth, and started to stalk the deer not a difficult task, for Robin can move through any jungle as silently as a cat, Robin gfi and long practice has taught me where to place -my feet.

Personally I would give a tiger the benefit of the doubt once, and once again, before classing it as a man-eater, and whenever possible I would subject the alleged victim to a post-mortem before letting the kill go down on the records as the kill of a tiger or a leopard, as the case might be.

He said that if the crop was not harvested in my presence, it would not be harvested at all, for the people were too frightened to leave their homes. Esters this was a bed of nettles through which the tigress had gone, and I was fo for a way round this obstruction when I heard footsteps behind me.

All thought of the man-eater was for the time being forgotten as they scrambled down into the ravine to retrieve the bag. The village was situated on the top of a long eters running east and west, and just below the road on which I had spent the night the hill fell steeply away to the north in a series of grassy slopes; on these slopes I was told ghooral were plentiful, and several men volunteered to show me over the ground.

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Please review your cart. I had marked the exact position of the lantana bush, and now took Robin along a line that would pass a few yards on the lee side of it. When I picked him up and eboo, him inside my coat it was a bitterly cold morning he tried to show his gratitude by licking my face, and I tried to show him I was not aware of his appalling stench.

The sportsman will find much to entertain and inform him in Major Corbett’s book.