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La Sansonette. By Alasdair Fraser, Natalie Haas, Brittany Haas, Ryan McKasson, Hanneke Cassel, Emily Onderdonk, Tristan Clarridge, Mike Block, Evan Price. Check out La Sansonette by Os Cempes on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD’s and MP3s now on Made by Sergio Maseda Orcajada. Music notation created and shared online with Flat.

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Please login or register. Welcome to the new melodeon. Tune of the Month for May The people have spoken!

Sansonnette, a wonderful schottische, perhaps “the” schottische, written by Dominique Forges a fine gurdy and sanosnette things player with I believe la Chavannee and other groups. I used to think ideally it needed accidentals to get that opening few notes right one of the reasons it hasn’t been nominated yetbut the last example seems to zap along quite nicely without apparently hitting any accidentals, so perhaps you can get away with it quite easily. Fits nicely on a 2 row with accidentals; if you haven’t got accidentals, you sansonete skip it quite successfully as shown above.

On a 1 row, I don’t know! Perhaps we’ll find out! If anyone sansonetre time to upload dots, I’d appreciate it – could be in any key, though I’ll probably end up playing it in Am. I can tweak from there.

La Sansonette | Maine Folque Co-op

There is a version in Dm: Etienne Student in push-pull things Regular debater Offline Posts: The abc in Am from the first file X: Old hohner and old Ssnsonette http: Bumbling home one evening through the “D” roads he saw a starling, moribund by the side of the road and named his tune in the dying bird’s honour! Nowadays more commonly Am amongst the French melodeonista. The dance floor was rocking and I was mesmerised, what an earworm!


Basses can be awkward – ideally one person plays the tune, another the chording. Worth trying in Bm on a DG, and consider basses only rather than full chords on left hand as it isn’t diatonic.


May 02, E minor for me La Sansonette from the playing of Claire Halliday C: I’ve just had a few emails with Sasnonette Forges who wrote Sansonetteand he’s looking to bring his duo I think it’s him singing and playing hurdy gurdys plus a guitarist over to England for a tour in October around 20th October to 2nd November. They are willing to put on concerts or Bals and are looking for venues and fees.

I live in Hexham and there are a couple of venues there, but others amongst you will know better than I do what the norm is about payment – is it revenue generated on the door, or does someone lw take that risk in order to put on the event.

Doesn’t have to be in Hexham or even in the north – any offers appreciated. So – any suggestions I can pass on about helping them with their tour?

I appreciate this will need moving to another thread – just wanted to hit the Sansonette page. The french bal scene in Wirral has ls, but I’d love to attend a dance starring these two. Last saw him with the Paris brothers when they came here to Birkenhead Priory. Been attacking the tune in Sansonette on my 3 row, and although the sharp 4 that’s Ab, folk get shot for playing those is a big feature in A music – like so many minor tunes things get “flexible” as to whether B or Bb is played in the upper part of sansojette.

The A music actually uses the whole Dm blues scale and no other notes! This is gurdy music and was written for the rhythmic drive of the wheel, and as a scottiche it also wants what Andy Cutting calls and does so well “a skip”.


I cannot find Forges or Bouffard [ed: Chris Ryall on May 02, Nigel Regular debater Offline Posts: Your post has brightened up this rainy morning. I want to support this, live in your area and will PM you soon.

La Sansonette

This could do with a separate thread. Can you do it? Ellisteph Respected Sage Offline Posts: Cooper Hero Member Offline Posts: Please correct my English, it’s been a while, and i like to learn. And don’t be so polite! I know i must be typing tons of stuff that a native speaker would say differently Ellisteph on May 02, Sanonette on May 02, The clacky box, one of.

I really love this tune and have had fun noodling around with ka for the last few days. The ‘A’ is coming together nicely but the ‘B’ – well I just can’t decide where I want to be with the basses. Naturally it feels like it should all be pretty much all on the pull but that’s not really where I want to be. At the risk of promoting the dreaded thread drift sorry Theo dare I ask what others would suggest for the B music?

Sideways typing on the wooden handbag now with added electric typewriter. The access and use of this website and forum featuring these terms and conditions constitutes your acceptance of these terms and conditions. May 01, ,