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Know how by Leslie Cameron-Bandler, , FuturePace edition, in English. Know How has 7 ratings and 0 reviews: Published November 1st by Futurepace, Paperback. by. Leslie Cameron Bandler,. Michael Lebeau. Books By Leslie Cameron Bandler Similar Authors To Leslie Cameron Bandler Know How: Guided Programs for Inventing Your Own Best Future (Mental.

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It all began with the creative collaboration of Bandler and Grinder which apparently occurred in to Erickson published in and So what became NLP was truly aninter-disciplinaryfieldfromthebeginning. Who were the people who started it? NLP began with a young college student along with an associate professor. When it all began Richard Bandler was only 21 years old in and a student at Kresge College.

Myths have him as a mathematician and a computer science, but he never received any degree mathematics or computer science and such things were not part of the original models. As a matter of fact, Richard was not a Gestalt therapist, he was not a mathematician, and he was not a computer scientist.

The Modeling of three experts in therapeutic communication. Each of these experts had a different model and focus. Each also had a very different style and yet somehow each was able leeslie facilitate transformational change that struck people as fascinating and amazing. Perls, Satir, and Erickson were the three original models. He died in January in Chicago after spending most of in Canada attempting to establish a Gestalt community there.


Know How: Guided Programs for Inventing Your Own Best Future

There are mythical stories that Bandler has propagated about meeting Perls, but I have not been able to find any evidence of those stories. What apparently happened was that Richard read and studied various books on Gestalt and then learned the language patterns and voice emphasis from the tapes of Perls so that he was able to replicate those patterns.

He then taught a Gestalt Class in Spitzer later wrote about this:. He came out of it talking and acting like Fritz Perls. I found myself accidently calling him Fritz on several occasions.


Richard apparently picked up on her patterns and processes while sitting in the small recording room. One story has it that he was listening to Pink Floyd cassettes and Virginia got upset and confronted him. When he was able to replicate bandle patterns, Virginia was surprised and amazed.

Milton Erickson, a medical doctor MD and psychiatrist in Phoenix Arizona who had established the credibility of medicalhypnosis,fromwhichEricksonianHypnotherapyevolved. Bandler has no earned doctorate.

There are various unsubstantiated reports on alt. So is the date usually given for the beginning of NLP. That was the date of the publication of the original books that brought together the original discoveries of the language patterns of Perls and Satir. Now one story that I heard in the late s was that the University of Cameon California at Santa Cruz wanted to grant Bandler recognition for his co-creation of the new model but that he had not finished his thesis, so Grinder wrote it for him.


I had not noticed that before, but when I flipped through The Structure of Magic volumes, it does not appear to be there. I heard a different story from Richard in What do you do?

Bateson moved to Esalen as the scholar-in-residence and died in Rodger Bailey says that within the original curriculum a dilemma was introduced. Bandlr Cameron was lesie director of the Institute, Robert Dilts the director of research, and David the director of training. They worked together, basically every day, creating the field, including the first practitioner fameron master practitioner programs, but also working with private clients.

Richard and John mainly acted as patriarchs. It went on until The Story of David [Gordon]. Skip to content From: Spitzer later wrote about this: