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Spain ABSTRACT RESUMEN Background: toxic liver damage associated with the use of Introducción: la toxicidad hepática asociada al uso crecien- natural. Introducción: la toxicidad hepática asociada al uso creciente de productos de ” remedios Stickel F. Slimming at all costs: herbalife-induced liver injury. J. hepatotoxicidad pdf. Toxic hepatitis by consumption herbalife products a case report. weight loss. Toxicidad hepatica por t e verde camellia sinensis revision.

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Case report We present a case of a year-old female patient without previous liver disease. Liver damage index episode.

Remember me on this computer. Piper methysticum kava-kavaphytosoy, and biosoy Factors that may contribute to hepatotoxicity from one case each. We believe that a greater control by toxjcidad authorities would be necessary in the production and distribution of herbal products.

A case of hepatotoxicity caused by kava kava. Eur J Gastroenterol Hepatol ; Acta Pharmacol Sin ; Rev Clin Esp ; hergalife Association between consumption of Herbalife nutritional supplements and acute hepatotoxicity. As depressive-anxiety disorders because of the sedative this statement has been questioned by recent epidemio- properties of kavapirones, which are GABA receptor logical studies, whether increased hepatotoxicity rates agonists Esp Enferm Dig ; Due to the large number of different products offered by Herbalife, some of them unlabelled and not showing the exact components, it is very difficult to determine the specific agent that may cause liver damage.


Clin Ther ; When is a herb a drug?

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Fatal fulminant hepatic failure induced by a natural therapy containing kava. Association between consumption of Herbalife nutritional sup- taking herbal remedies.

Clin Liver Dis ; Med J Aust taining Chinese green tea Camellia sinensis. Dtsch Med Wochenschr ; Hepatitis aguda asociada al consumo de Copalchi.

High prevalence of potentially hepatotoxic herbal supplement use in patients with fulminant hepatic failure. Gastroenterol Jpn ; Other tests including Coxiella, T.

Herbalife y hepatotoxicidad pdf

Boulevard Louis Pasteur, Herrera S, Bruguera M. HIV serology was also negative. Toxic hepatitis by consumption herbalife products a case report.

Hospital de Basurto, Bilbao: Enferm Dig ; Boulevard Louis Pasteur, Med J Aust ; Subacute cholestatic hepatitis likely related to the use of senna for chronic constipation. However, evidence on the toxicity risks as- or hepatitis E infection, and a positive serology for bac- sociated with a wide variety of such remedies has teria such as Salmonella, Campylobacter and Listeria emerged in the last few years, and these remedies are were ruled out.


The reported cases of hepatotoxicity secondary to Herbalife products are more abundant in the literature and several cases of liver failure requiring liver transplant have been described 6,7.