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hi all, i have a geminox thi combi boiler, recently got an error code 1 60, any one had similar problems. Managed to fix one error which was. Download manuals and specifications for The manufacturer of steam, wood and oil boilers Geminox is the condensing gas boiler specialist which offers you gas. Geminox 30s geminox chaudieres g geminox megalithe 25 geminox mz 20 hurricane academic dissertation help cortland geminox megalithe 65s traffic report.

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Discussion in ‘ Plumbing and Central Heating ‘ started by navtec22 May Log in or Sign up. Managed to fix one error which was 1 Its difficult to imagine how you came to choose one of these boilers!

They are considered mehalithe but expensive in France. Gemijox are very few in the UK. I maintain a 37 kW one in London where the owner became fed up with the lack of capabilities of the only service firm that supports this make. The instructions on that feminox are just a few pages photocopied rather similar to the standard of the Keston boilers. The makers web site does not have much information and I dont find a boiler with the type you have quoted although posters often get it wrong.

There is a THI though! Presumably you have the info and can look up the cause of that fault code? Agile22 May Envinox are the company that curently import the Geminox Boiler – I think they are in Surrey, seem quite heplpful on the phone most Geminox boilers were imported by Yorkpark no longer about.

Boilerman2 mdgalithe, 22 May Its flagging error code 1 60, in the manual it states “the minimum speed threshold of the gemminox is not reached”.

Solution – Check the wirng of the fan and LMU, enure the fan is megalihe correctly. This is no sign of the a problem with the wiring or the LMU as that was replaced a month ago. I have to agree, i wouldnt purchase another one of these, you need to have a degree in software engineering to run one of these things.

Geminox Problems | DIYnot Forums

The control panel is so complicated that you have to set the heating curve etc, lol. You cannot use central heating or the water together as it switches from one to another, so if water is being used the central heating will shut down. I did have a Microstar known as geminox megalitge was much better, it had a water tank that heated the water and could use heating and water together and lasted 13 years, but heat exchanger went.

The fan is fitted with a Tachometer to indicate fan speed to the LMU it is likely that the fan may need replacing. For some reason if you try to activate the central heating but someone is using the hot water, it wont allow the central heating to come megalihe, until the hot water is switched off. 2s5, if you want instant central heating, then you must switch off the hot water supply on the control panel.

I called the geminox help line and one of the technicians advised that the boiler can only operate one function, ie. The boiler prioritises the hot water supply first and then the central heating and also megakithe you switch the system on, it doesnt work. LOL, its so frustrating this boiler. One of the guys came from Geminox and when i fired qestions 25w him about yeminox boiler, he really didnt have any idea, just read of the manual, even they dont seem to understand.


The boiler was purchased by my father who is a builder, but if i had the choice i would buy one at megalihhe fraction of the cost and would be easy as switching the light on. Any way i can find out for sure on how to exactly operate this boiler, as the manuals are far too complicated with heating curves and other maths formulas. Oh you have woken up again! I note that you did not tell us how the previous fan speed indication fault was solved. Because of the way that boilers work its inevitable that that style will only operate on HW or CH at one time.

Boilers are nowadays quite advanced and setting curves is just part of the commissioning of most boilers.

Thats why people who fix boilers need to have a good understanding of technology. The “guy” from Geminox was in reality just someone from the UK importers and as I said in my earlier posting they dont instil a great amount of confidence. I thought you might have read what I said.

Agile20 Nov One of the reasons I don’t fit Ariston’s, too much fannying around, and have you seen the display on the one the rep is tarting about, how long before “Houston, we have a problem” you get some 75 year old pensioner to understand this craaapp.

Obviously my father is fond of Geminox boilers and the previous one we had under the name “microstar” was an excellent boiler. It had a tank inside the boiler and allowed you to use the hot water and central heating at one time. Well its too late to change the boiler now, just a big problem as i was operating the boiler this morning and even though i switch the QAA 73 control panel to stand by the boiler continued to pump hot water to the central heating What do you expect? When we purchased this boiler, they said something along the lines of ” this is one of the best boilers available and the most efficient, but they should also said, ” you need a computer science degree to operate it”!!!

Having got a degree in electronics I did my research and it came down to the conclution that it was this model or the german vitron by Viessman. I finally arrived to the conclusion that I should choose the geminox as it has a stainless steel exchanger. I disagreed with himhaving got A levels in physics and chemistry the aluminum will get eated away by the acid produced by the condensing gases. After debating for one hour I finally gave up and walked away from him. I was right,after two years Viessmann told me they have replaced that model by another as they had problems with the heat exchanger.

I have maintained my boiler for at least 12 years its still going strong. Truely speaking this is not a combination boiler. A combination boiler has a diverter value with a rubber sheaththis tend to fail and needs replacing once a year.

This has not failed me for the last 12 years. It has a buit in stainless steel pressuried unvented hotwater tank for DHW. So you get the full 25Kw of gas pwer to your DHW if you are using your show.


You may improve this time by incresing the DHW stoarge temp and using a mixture at the taps. A few days ago my pressure sensor has gone. When I rang the firm in surreythey say the pressure sensor is not made anymore. Instead they are offering a modification. You have to manually check your boiler with the manometer and shut it down yourself. I fine this hard to believe Its a great safety risk Anywhere i try to drain the sytem down this weekend and clean this sensor and hopefully it will work.


I am thinking of making a complaint to the gas safety council about this modifcation. In any case I found that if unplug the sytem and switch on after about 30 minutes. The sytem only learns itself you have both the outside temp sensor and the room temp sensor.

This system is out of date now It only has modulating flame but not a modulating pump. I hope this answers some questions about this boiler Please note I also added extra expansion tanks each for the heating and hotwater. NB if you need both central heating and DHW at the same time. You can buy the boiler on its own and buy you own unvented stainless steel cyclinder and use a standard heating set up using a 3 port mid position value.

Designation Notice Fx

Those days when I install my system I had to buy separately the pressure and temperature relieve valve but nowdays they are not allowed to sell these unvented cyclinders without these buildin for safety reasons. Previous to this I had a leblanc condensing combination with a aluimium geminos exchanger.

It started leaking and replaced twice under warranty and also had to replace the diverter valve The condensing water discharge copper pipe also got eated away. This was my fault as I install it myself. So I had to replace it with plastic one. But having said this I am quite happy with the Geminox boiler. I did get a technical manual with this.

It was one of the condition that I get this also when purchasing this boiler. It has all the error codes on it. I will post it megaliithe a later date. Hi, spoke to the technician at geminox and they did advise the boiler will work with hot water and central heating without having to switch off the water option on the qa control panel. The boiler heats the plate up to the temperature set for the dhw, once this is achieved by the boiler it moves on to the mgealithe. Problem I have is the boiler carries on heating the water, it geminoz the plate but then after few minutes the temperature of the plate drops and then re heats again.

This continues to occur gemjnox times before the central heating comes on after 40minz. Engineer advised something is cooling the plate down and he thinks its due to not having a non return valve fitted onto the hot water, cold water is going back and cooling the plate and this will continue to happen.

This will increase gejinox gas bills through the roof, does anyone know if this is true, as you can see the boilers operational codes telling that the hot water is being heated even though no one has it on. You must log in or sign up meegalithe reply here. Plumbing and Central Heating. Steelmasons 29 Jun Yorkpart Microstar Combination Boiler won’t ignite gardener15 Octin forum: Geminox thi SEP navtec17 Janin forum: Geminox F system mehalithe manual?

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