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AN AMERICAN LIBRARY ASSOCIATION POPULAR PAPERBACK FOR YOUNG ADULTS! Now a major motion picture! Melodramatic, yet lovable Lola vies with. Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. Dyan Sheldon, Author Candlewick Press (MA) $ (p) ISBN Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. By Dyan Sheldon. There is only room for one drama queen – which one will take centre stage?.

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An aspiring actress, Lola greatly misses all of the opportunities and culture that New York had to offer.

She does however, befriend a girl in her classes, Ella, and get the lead role in the school’s production of Pygmalion. The most popular girl in school, Carla, wanted that role for herself, and decides to make Lola’s life miserable by flaunting the fact that she has tickets to the big Sidhartha farwell ssheldon and party.

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen (novel) – Wikipedia

Sidhartha is Lola’s favorite band, but her mother won’t let her go all the way to New York alone. It seems that she has no hope of going, but Lola is intent on getting her and Ella into that concert to show Carla up.


Click here to see the rest of this review. The review of this Book prepared by Alexandra Kuykendall. Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen is about a bit over dramatic teen girl named Lola, who longs to be an actress someday and thrives in the city of New York. However, when her mother announces she is moving to the suburbs, Lola is distraght. Lola meets Ella and decides she is her “soul mate”.

Lola immediatly trys to be the spotlight of the Dellwood but realises the spot has already been filled by Carla Santini.

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen Book Summary and Study Guide

When her favorite band Sidhartha breaks up she is detemined to get Ella and her into the concert and to the party at the lead singer’s house after. Still, Carla is detemined to lie in order to stop becoming the center of the school. It all has to be detemined by seeing which drama queen can lead the local school play, Cinfessions, Lola Cep or Carla Santini? The review of this Book prepared by Lauren S.


Lola meets a girl named Ella who turns out to be her best friend. Lola battles Carla Santini, who seems to rule the school. Lola and Ella hear the news that their favorite band, Siddhartha, is going to break up! But when they go to school, they hear about Siddhartha’s last goodbye concert. Carla of course has to go to the concert for bragging rights, even though she doesn’t even like the band, but Lola and Ella absolutly have to see Siddhartha’s last concert.

They have an “interesting” experience in New York, but even though they really did meet Stu Wolff, Siddhartha’s lead singer, no one believes them because Carla lies to everyone. The review of this Book prepared by Melissa Minto.

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