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Single Pulse. D= DSEI 2x t [s]. I F. [A. ] -diF /dt [A/µs]. VF [V]. Q r. [µ. C]. -diF /dt [A/µs]. I RM. [A. ] -diF /dt [A/µs]. -diF /dt [A/µs]. DSEI 2X A IXYS Rectifiers datasheet, inventory, & pricing. IXYS DSEI-2XA Rectifiers are available at Mouser Electronics. Mouser offers inventory, pricing, & datasheets for IXYS DSEI-2XA Rectifiers.

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See Sales Offices at Studs: The design and manufacture of discrete semiconductors and silicon assemblies, including single and multiphase, uncontrolled and fully controlled rectifiers, bridges and isolated base power modules, naturally, air or liquid cooled. The design, re-engineering, refurbishment, repair and overhaul of power electronics assemblies and associated equipments.

Supply of electrical and electronic components normally associated with power semiconductor applications, from quality assured sources with and without lot traceability. For and on behalf of BSI: Gary Fenton, Global ssurance Director Originally registered: Printed copies can be validated at Information and Contact: The information describes the type of component and shall not be considered as assured characteristics.

Stress above one or more of the limiting values may cause permanent damage to the device. These are stress ratings only and operation of the device at these or at any other conditions above those given in the characteristics sections of the specification is not implied. Exposure to limiting values for extended periods may affect device reliability. Terms of delivery and rights to change design or specifications are reserved.

Changes have been made to earlier published specifications. The data herein supersedes all previously published informations. Life support applications IXYS products used in life support appliances, devices, or systems where malfunction of these products can reasonably be expected to result in personal injury must be expressly authorized for such purposes.

The design of this patented package is revolutiory: The DCB ceramic, the same substrate material as used in the high power modules, not only provides high isolation capability RMS but also unbeatable low thermal resistance compared to conventiol, exterlly mounted isolation materials.

Package cross section Leads Mould While the junction-to-case thermal resistance is higher than an equivalent, nonisolated device, what really matters is the total thermal resistance from junction-toheatsink R thjh. Comparing a device in ISOPLUS to its companion in the non-isolated package with an exterl isolation foil, one can see that the overall R th is now lower for the part in the already isolated package see example.

Due to the matched thermal expansion coefficients of silicon datashee DCB ceramic, mechanical stress to the die datasheett solder caused by power and temperature dvantages: Isolation capability from leads to backside RMS no exterl isolation foil needed Thermal resistance from Junction to Case only slightly higher as for nonisolated version Increased power- and temperature cycling capability DCB can be patterned like printed circuit boards allowing special functions to be realized DCB Mould Copper Ceramic Copper Solder Example: Mounting is done with clips, which not only saves time but also guarantees constant pressure force over the whole lifetime of the assembly.

Now additiol special functions can be realized, e.

2s101 It has up to five termil pins, making it possible to build up full diode datssheet, phase-leg transistor configurations, buck and boost converters and much more within one isolated discrete package. It is available in 2 pin out version: GWM configuration with plar power pins for RMS on one side and 12 control pins on 066a oposite side and the GMM configuration with 12 pins on either side. If heat sinking is required designers have to look for solutions dseii isolation and creepage distance.

The latter allows utilization of heatsinks with a thinner base reducing weight and cost. 2×110 complete board including the power components can run through a standard SMD soldering process. Two types are available. ISOPLUS-SMPD -B 1 is optimized for implementing more complex configurations like phase-legs, buck and datashewt chopper as well as single or 3-phase input rectifier bridges, which can ideally be used as building blocks for inverters.

Then the devices can be mounted together with the PCB to a heat sink. These power devices need to be pressed down to the heat sink to ensure low thermal resistances. Pressure can be applied in different ways, for example using a mounting clip or a post, applying pressure via the PCB directly to the power device see 3 and 4. See alphanumeric index for the page number of the particular product.


IXYS offers various IGBT technologies optimized for the many topologies, circuits and requirements in today s varied power semiconductor applications. CE sat a measure of on-state losses i. The higher the CE sat the higher the losses in the forward direction. Switching Speed an IGBT with fast switching speed will have higher efficiency during the transition from on to the off state and vice versa.

Low switching speed versions are often combined with low CE sat for low frequency applications. Temperature Coefficient this determines the device CE sat trend against temperature. Likewise a negative temperature coefficient is when the devices CE sat reduces when the junction temperature increases.

This range features not only a low CE sat but extremely low switching losses making the platform attractive for fast switching applications whilest retaining good SO rating and a positive temperature coefficient.

They are particularly suitable for high voltage switching applications. The voltage and 06 ratings of these devices, coupled with simplified MOS gate-control, allow the system designer to greatly reduce the complexity of many high voltage switching designs. These IGBTs eble the use of a single device in systems whose circuits previously used multiple, cascaded, lower-voltage switches.

Package Style Outline drawings on pages O Outline drawings on pages O O See data sheet for pin arrangement Multi Level Configuration IXYS has also reduced the wafer thickness, which substantially reduces the thermal resistance.

These new devices feature low static drain to source onresistances and provide unparalleled performance and reliability in controlled current output applications.

Typical applications that stand to benefit from this new class of dzei FBSO power MOSFETs include circuit breakers, current sources, programmable loads, power controllers, power regulators, motor control, power amplifiers and soft start applications. In the linear mode, a power MOSFET is subjected to high thermo-electrical stress caused by the simultaneous occurrence of high drain voltage and current resulting in high power catasheet.

The normally-on operational mode of these devices combined with an enhanced linear operating capability allows for an ideal device selection in current sources, current regulators, solid-state relays, level shifting, active loads, start-up circuits, and 2×11 power filters.

Since these devices require no energy or gate voltage for turn-on, high 21×01 efficiency can be achieved through device implementation in zero power normally on load switch applications. With the high degree of current regulation, these devices can also act as active inductors 2×1101 high dynamic impedance in power filter applications to limit voltage and current noise and spikes. Furthermore these devices can provide active circuit protection to limit the surge of current dataasheet short-circuit or overload conditions.

With such low onstate resistances, these devices offer low conduction and switching losses while a low input capacitance.

The 06aa of low R DS on and gate charge allow for improved energy efficiency. They are ideal for high side switching where a simple drive circuit referenced to ground can be used, circumventing additional high side driver circuitry commonly involved when dswi an N-Channel MOSFET.

This will help designers to reduce component count and improve reliability. They feature an ultra low R DS onminimizing conduction losses, and promoting improved operating and thermal efficiencies.

This enables designers to reduce component count, thereby improving drive circuit simplicity and cost structure.

DSEI2XA Price & Stock | DigiPart

Common applications that will greatly benefit from these devices include high side switching, high current regulators, DC Choppers, CMOS high power amplifiers, push-pull amplifiers, and power solid state relays. The result is a MOSFET with dramatically improved switching efficiencies and thus enabling higher frequency operation and smaller power supplies. Parallel operation with these devices provides a more cost-effective solution than employing series-connected, lower-voltage MOSFETs.

The reduction or replacement of multiple series-connected devices and the associated gate drive circuitry commonly involved, simplifies design, improves reliability, and reduces over-all system cost. These H MOSFETs represent an optimal solution in applications such as laser and x-ray generation systems, high-voltage power supplies, pulse circuits, high voltage automated test equipment, and capacitor discharge circuits.


With optimized ultra-fast switching diodes, the development engineer has various possibilities: The reverse current characteristic following the peak reverse current I RM is another very important property. In a circuit this current slope, in conjunction with parasitic inductances e.

The wide range of available blocking voltages makes it possible to apply these diodes as output rectifiers in switch-mode power supplies SMPS as well as protective and freewheeling diodes for power switches in inverters.

SILICON SCHOTTKY DIODES • Very low VF,Low IRM-values,Low noise switching

Discrete diodes in plastic and metal housings and also different diode bridges are available for standard line voltages from to C. In order to have technologically good control of the avalanche breakdown, it is important to ensure homogeneous doping of the middle zone of the silicon chip and suitable junction termination and passivation at the edges where PN-junctions are exposed to the surface high field strength at the edge.

Because of this ruggedness against periodically occurring short-term voltage surges in the blocking direction, the user frequently can do without protective overvoltage net-works. In addition, if avalanche diodes dqtasheet put in series for high voltage applications, the sharp avalanche breakdown of the blocking characteristic ensures static and dynamic voltage distribution uniformly across each device. Thus, in general, none of the series diodes will be overstressed by reverse voltages which are substantially above the avalanche voltage.

Current and voltage during turn-on and turn-off switching of fast diodes Data according to IEC and refer to a single diode or thyristor unless otherwise stated. Data according to IEC and refer to a single diode or thyristor unless otherwise stated. Compared to all other controlled semiconductor components, they feature the highest current capacity per chip area especially at high voltage.

They are mainly used as control devices in 50 and 60 Hz Dataaheet mains equipment. Principal applications are static converter circuits for speed control of DC-drives, or switching and control functions for datashheet, lighting, soft-start, etc.

Phase control thyristors are designed for optimal forward conduction and reverse blocking characteristics, due to only moderate requirements for turn-on and turn-off parameters. This makes possible daatasheet mount-down of any number of the same or different modules on a common heatsink. It is feasible to use standard housings with appropriate accessories for designing compact power converter operating from C mains up to Modules in TO housing of the version 8 are delivered with gate plugs only without auxiliary cathode terminal; mounting srews available on request.

The module housing is designed for adequate clearance and creepage distance resulting in recognition by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. New Generation Silicon Chips ll chips are designed by applying separation diffusion processes such that the zones responsible for the surface field datasyeet are located at the upper chip side.

This results in the capability of soldering the entire chip area onto the DCB ceramic substrate without a molybdenum strain buffer, which in turn leads to good stability of the chips as well as to large area heat dissipation if a load is applied. Silicon chips increasingly use planar technology with guard rings and channel stoppers to reduce electrical surface fields.

This chip design supercedes the design of thyristor chips which were fabricated with passivation moats so that modules of the new series designed with the updated stateof-the-art utilize planar passivated chips processed by separation diffusion techniques.

The contact areas of the chips possess physical vapor deposited metal layers. For the user the improved properties are: Cost reduction and improved efficiency are the benefits of these characteristics.

By re-developing the silicon chips, improvements of the firing characteristics were achieved by specifying a higher gate current not to fire IGD resulting in substantially less suscepibility to misfiring. This leads to greater safety of operation and higher reliability vsei the equipment.

Xc Xb Outline drawings on pages O Xa Xb Xd Outline drawings on pages O Xa Xa Outline drawings on pages O