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Beacon & Line Stop Relay Connections · Clearing of all data from unit to get back to factory default · C-Series – Deleting Messages · Flashing Cursor on the. View and Download Domino C plus operation and maintenance manual online. C-SERIES PLUS. C plus Printer pdf manual download. Also for. Manuals and User Guides for Domino C plus. We have 1 Domino C plus manual available for free PDF download: Operation And Maintenance.

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For further printer maintenance information, call Domino. For sales, service and inks enquiries, please contact Before proceeding with installation, using or maintaining the printer, please read this section of the manual carefully. When handling ink or cleaning ink spillages, care dokino be taken to avoid contact with skin or eyes. The text ranges from a maximum character height of: Grained Stainless Steel Dimensions: It is recommended that control units are mounted on stands.

This operation should be carried out with the control unit in place. Picture shown with control unit removed for clarity. By adjusting the length of the bracket arm, the position of the message can be placed accurately on the print surface. The top right position is for forward and angled printing. The lower left pivot point indicated domink the mounting position for printing down.

Ensure the bottom edge of the print head is the same height as the bottom face of the controller. Prime heavily, catching the ink in a suitable container or cloth until all air is removed. Ink drip tray and ink installation instructions on this box guide refer to collection your local Domino office.

Instructions for changing sponge the ink collection sponge are on page Fit the ship cap to the print head as follows: If the printer is being run for the first time since installation or re-mounting, the air flow vents must be released.

There are two air flow domiino in the C and C iand one in the C and C that require releasing prior to initial power up. When C i complete, tighten the locking ring.

IIMAK | Replacement Inkjet Fluid Alternatives For Major Printing Technologies

Carefully slide the cover back in place and secure. Take care not to trap any domiino or pipes. Do not pull on the pipes in the cap, when replacing the ink bottle. It is possible to fit either a 1 or 2 litre ink bottle. If fitted, the beacon will flash to indicate that the ink bottle needs replacing.

New printers are shipped with a protective tube over the septum, ensure this is removed prior to fitting the ink bottle.

When the ink bottle is exhausted, printing will continue for a short while because of the small reserve of ink in the header tank. Do not to pull on the pipes in the cap, when replacing the ink bottle. A warning light on the top of the base will flash to indicate that the ink bottle needs replacing.

The light will flash slowly as the ink falls below the first level bottle empty, up to 8hrs of printing time remaining. Arrange the air and ink tubes so that they cannot be trapped in the door mechanism.


Ensure that Control Unit connector 1 and ink domimo 1 are connected to control unit 1 and so on. These connections should always be C iCv checked and maintained to ensure that the unit remains in good working order. The connector will release with ease.

The QR plug and connection port both contain spring loaded valves that automatically seal to prevent ink loss. The ink line should always remain connected when the printers power is on, if disconnecting the ink line ensure the power is turned off.

If the printer is being run for the first time since installation or re-mounting, the air flow vents must be released – see page It is recommended that this is carried out as soon as the printer has f6000 powered up at the beginning of a shift to prevent degradation in the print quality. To run remote units for the first time: Power up the unit until ink ok is displayed and then disconnect the ink line.

In the case of persistent air in the ink system, it is possible to intermittently plug the ink vent on the bottom of the printer with a finger during the prime procedure. Put finger over vent hole for maximum 1 second only. Do not wipe across the face of the nozzle plate.

Ensure that any purged ink is collected using a box guide with ink drip tray and collection sponge. Please refer to the Connect manual. Number of Prints It is possible to set the printer to automatically prime the print head after a set number of prints.

It is recommended to read through the different menus and familiarise with all icons. When using the directional keys to scroll through the menu bar, if the directional arrow key is pressed and held, then the menu will continue to scroll A brief explanation of these functions is as follows. The escape key is used when a command or icon that has been selected is not required or needs to be cancelled without making further selections.

Edit or create a message? Parameters of the message can be altered, e. Choose language, allows the operator to select from the list of operating languages. Options screen, allows the operator to enable external peripherals, e. The following steps outline this set up procedure: A Multi-head Base Unit should be mounted in a suitable position to enable the control units to be mounted within 3 metres of the base.

Run a test box on the conveyor, past the print head s to check that the message is printing in the required location.

Domino® Replacement Inks & Fluids

The message store can be viewed and messages uploaded by selecting the print which message? To use this function: Select a new operating language as follows: When the current time is set, it continues to operate even when the control unit has been switched off.

This is when the control unit will rollover to the next working day. This value can be adjusted as c66000 These shift codes are then split into the working hours of the production line.


The printer can be set to print out the shift automatically. In this example, shift A starts Shift B starts at The box count function can be zeroed at any point and will count in single increments from zero. Check the box count as follows: Do domijo use this function unless the whole control unit memory needs to be wiped. All saved messages, logos and saved settings will be wiped and replaced with the default settings.

Depending on which side of the conveyor each control unit is mounted, will dictate the direction that the print surface is moving and could change to left to right, causing the message to be printed in reverse.

The up and down cursor keys are used to control the orientation of the message. There are two types of variable; prompted and external. Prompted Variable A prompted variable is inserted into a message and will prompt the operator for information when that message is selected for print. External setup is password protected. When using external variables, it is necessary to set the parameters which enable the printer to use the correct c600 of the information.

Domino C Inkjet Printhead | eBay

Set these parameters as follows: DO NOT trigger the photocell during this test. If disabled removes the port number option from external variable setup and fixes this to Only needed for backward compatibility. Retrieve Mode This is normally disabled. When enabled changes the functionality of the print which message icon. Messages can be saved into the memory and will remain even when the power is removed.

Sub-Menus The text and attribute function icons located under the edit which message? The operator should familiarise themselves with these icons to understand the message editing and creation capabilities available.

The eighth high text is the default size. The flashing cursor is the point where the text will start to appear. This is the top line of the message. Because the bounding box occupies all eighth lines it is not possible to see all of the box. Not actual screen size, it has been stretched to show all the characters across.

The Message editor parameters are constrained by the eight line heights. This example uses quarter and default text heights for clarity, and only the first four lines are shown below. The attribute functions are located in the sub menu in the edit which message? Edit If the information in sell by date, real time command, count, bar code, logo or variables is incorrect, use the Edit function to alter.

The following steps show how each of these functions can be entered. It is important to remember that the size format must always be entered before the function is selected. Counts can be set up incrementally or decrementally depending on the Pallet 1 box 1 requirement. Only one incremental count, one decremental count and one pallet count can be used per message.