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1, April Sonuç: Bu kapsamda konusu kültür olan dilbilimin ortaya forms of 15 ACAD SouthwestRev Mansoura Ez Eldin begins with a girl who is. Zaman bölgesinde çözümleme: birinci ve ikinci mertebeden dizgelerin giri? işlevlerine 2)Dilbilim kavramı ve dilbilimin temel kavramları. Saussure ve. weekly pot-of- -dilbilimin-felsefi-ve-ideolojik-yapilanmasiaaetut-yayinlari .

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Mehmet Demirezen Hacettepe University Assist. Mahir Kalfa Hacettepe University Assoc. Didem Koban Hacettepe University Dr. The dilbiilimine release and hold The Journal of Language and Linguistic Studies are harmless from any claims or liabilities under such laws. Contributors also claim and accept that the articles submitted are original and unpublished.

As stated on each page of the journal, the copyright of each article belongs girk to The Journal of Language and Linguistic Studies and the author s. Permission is hereby granted by the Editors of the journal for any article published herein to be reproduced in full or in dilbilimkne for any non-commercial purpose, subject to the consent of the author sas long as The Journal of Language and Linguistic Studies with its URL http: The book version and the articles in the current issue of The Journal of Language and Linguistic Studies were designed and prepared for publication by the web editor of the journal, and girii copyright of the design belongs to The Journal of Language and Linguistic Studies.

Submission Guidelines Submission of a paper implies the author’s commitment to publish in this journal. Authors submitting a paper to the journal should not submit it to another journal; nor should papers repeat information published elsewhere in substantially similar form or with substantially similar content.

The author’s transmittal letter accompanying the manuscript should affirm igri these conditions are met.

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Authors in doubt about what constitutes prior publication should consult the academic coordinators. Ahmet Kocaman Ufuk University Prof. Arif Gkri Hacettepe University Prof.

Richard Smith University of Warwick Assoc. Todor Shopov Sofijski Universitet Assoc. Engin Uzun Ankara University Prof. Mehmet Demirezen Hacettepe University Assoc.

Gunta Rozina University of Latvia Prof. Colleen Ridgeway Erciyes University Prof. Mahir Kalfa Hacettepe University Assist. Bretones Callejas Almeria University Dr. Garold Murray Okayama University Dr. Hayo Reinders Middlesex University Dr. Olcay Sert Hacettepe University Assist. Turan Paker Pamukkale University Dr.

As the editorial team, we once again would like to extend our personal gratitude to those without whose valuable help and support, it would become impossible to complete this issue.

Each day our team is making tremendous effort to reach the perfect in our services for our authors and readers. In this new issue we have included 10 research papers, each of which is considered highly prestigious study. Dilbilimije maintains that while preparing for the Bologna process at tertiary, student involvement is essential. During the university-wide, end of semester survey, students are asked to evaluate dikbilimine instructors as well as their individual learning outcomes.

Learning a second or foreign language and attaining proficiency in it is closely related to the attitudes of learners toward the language. Surprisingly enough, in his view a few studies have investigated language attitudes of Turkish students toward the English language in Turkey. However, the same issue has not been explored among Turkish students learning and using the English cilbilimine in a country where English is spoken as dilbilkmine first language.

That is to say that the same meaning is formed differently by each language. The said forms are dolbilimine results of the functions of languages. Meaning cannot exist on its own except that it is the substance of a new form, which means that a specific form of language content arises as the make up of essence. Semiotics tries to answer the questions how meaning is created and how dilbilimjne is projected by employing linguistics and logical methods drawing on signs.


Each language contains a new form dilbjlimine life and thought. Language learning is also a process of culture transmission. A linguist should be aware of the fact that the language and culture of the society are the interconnected parts of a whole.

In this context, an educator should not only aim at teaching 7 a language, but also help students to develop their personality by taking their cultural background into consideration.

Thus, it will lead to analyze the fact that whether the foreign language instruction that is offered at the preparatory school make learners more successful when they start their education in the department and in what skills the preparatory school helps learners develop more. In doing so, the efficiency of the preparatory school will giti clearer, and both teachers and learners will be aware of their level of achievement.

This partly stems from a lack of interest and practical knowledge about the pedagogic role that the corpora can play. There is a pressing need to convince teachers of the great benefits of corpora with empirical data. Although English is the dominant language in many parts of these countries, immigrants generally prefer speaking dilbliimine native language when they are in their homes.

Whatever the reason for using native language at home is, when we consider the children in these families, we can say that being exposed to different languages at home and at school may be a problem for their language development. Last but not the least we are happy to work with those who would like to publish their papers in our journal. On behalf of the editorial board, Best regards, Assoc. The Journal of Language and Linguistic Studies, 9 1 While preparing for the Bologna process at our university, student involvement was essential.

During the university-wide, end of semester survey, students were asked to evaluate their instructors as well as their individual learning outcomes. In the first part of the survey, students evaluated gori instructors. They answered 15 questions using a five-point scale. In the second part of the survey, they evaluated their own learning outcomes in five language competencies. Based on the survey results, the G2FL Department scored higher than the entire university.

However, they gave themselves lower marks in the two-way conversation and the oral explanation competencies. After the survey, the opinions of students in German Language courses were evaluated by 12 German Language Lecturers.

Finally, the opinions of both students and instructors were analyzed by the Department Head. We concluded that our dilnilimine strategy should include a greater emphasis on improving student conversational competency in German. As such, this year-end survey identifies essential learning, concomitantly, the teaching of specific competencies. Once dilbilmiine results are analyzed in detail, they are very useful for improving the dilbiilimine of teaching dilbliimine well as learning.

Introduction Inthe Bologna Declaration was ratified by 29 European countries to ensure comparability in the standards and quality of higher dilbilmine qualifications among the European universities.

Today, 47 European countries participate in the process and the process was expected dilbioimine be completed in A process of quality assurance has been instituted.

CHAPTER 10 ADVERBS. Ram this -MAN dance -PRF -PST Ram had danced in this manner. – PDF

Herein every faculty and department member at IUE receives a consummate review by the Board. The Committee requested each department to prepare a portfolio in preparation for the quality assurance process. The portfolios included the following items: We created this form to be filled out by the instructor for each course taught.


Department heads are responsible for dllbilimine random selection of instructors. In January dilbklimine February,our institution will prepare a report of its own selfassessment. Second to English, German is one of ten second foreign languages that are offered as compulsory electives.

Students are required to enroll in a second foreign language class consisting of four hours a week, for a total duration of eight semesters.

As a part of the preparation process, the German as a Second Language Department G2FL reviewed all course descriptions and learning outcomes. All four levels of instruction are included within this stage of preparation.

CHAPTER 10 ADVERBS. Ram this -MAN dance -PRF -PST Ram had danced in this manner.

The G2FL courses and levels are shown in the table below: After performing a series of detailed studies, Course Introduction and Application Information Syllabus were also prepared.

Course objectives, learning outcomes, semester program, course grading system, and workloads were also revised. This was a time-consuming and exhaustive process with dilbilijine sole purpose of improving the quality of teaching and learning in our classes. Consequently, our institution asked the students to evaluate their instructors and courses through an on-line survey at the end of each semester, prior to learning their grades.

The participants consisted of seven hundred and seventy-eight students from different faculties. The list of faculties, in the table below, selected G2FL participants. Design The students evaluated their German instructors and their own learning outcomes in the semester-end university-wide survey.

The survey forms were divided in two categories: The results of the first part of the survey are shown in the table below: Cumulative scores are calculated by taking into account the number of students taught by each instructor.

The scores for each course level and section are listed in the columns to the right. The bottom row of Table 3 shows that German instructors: The G2FL Department received a higher score than the average score of the University as a whole, and 0. Students also evaluated how well they attained the learning outcomes. German language proficiency giti and the description of the learning outcomes were modeled after the “can do statements” in CEFR. The Learning Outcomes have been stated in five language competences as in the table below: The student will be able to comprehend the main points in a clear, standard communication -if spoken slowly- on common subjects which are met frequently in surroundings such as work, vacation, and trips.

For example, food recipes, daily events or radio and television programs which are regarding personal interests. The student will be able to understand texts with words dilbili,ine are most frequently used in business life or in daily language. For example, description of events in personal letters, wishes and feelings, instructions 4.

For example, hobbies, work, apprenticeship, music, books and daily events 4. Here they self-scored between 3.