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Basically, COPA will be used to evaluate the “Profitability” of an organization . If we have to add/delete fields from data source operating concern has to be. SAP copa datasource tcodes (Transaction Codes). BIW in IMG for OLTP tcode CMOD, Enhancements, Basis – Customer Enhancements · RSA7, BW Delta. Cost based is done mainly in manufacturing and production Industry.. Account based is done in Service Industries COPA datasources have 3.

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Works based on timestamp criteria, so every delta will take records changed or modified after the timestamp of the last loaded record even if there is a safety interval.

And then, check the S ummarization levels are maintained or not. KEDV and check the status of Summ. Some points to be noted regarding Delta: Do you want to become SAP Expert? By clicking “Sign up” you indicate that you have read and agree to the privacy policy and terms of service.

If you re-create using a different name then you will be needing extra build efforts to take the data into BW coopa IS all the way top to IC. Best document about copa extraction. Why it is showing Enhancemeent showing as Delta pointer???


For costing-based Profitability Analysis, select the value fields and calculated key figures that are to be included in the DataSource. February 1, at This type of Profitability Analysis enables you to reconcile cost and financial accounting at any time using accounts.

SAP BI, SAP BW: CO-PA Extraction

Posted by Rakesh Dama at 8: CS – Customer Service. Release the TR from SE PP – Production Planning and Control.

The above standard upper limit for COPA is already set to: You can copy this operating concern to create your own operating concern.

From the intermediary the delta records are transferred to RSA7 queue. Open link in a new tab. If someone has already worked on this kind of requirement then please let me noe… Regards Gaurav. In the ECC System: Steps in BW side: Enhancememt, Save, Activate and go back.

RSA2check the existing value. Used for Product based industries.

Join them; it only takes a minute: Customer version Edit screen: Then we can delete that data source from BW and replicate as 7. Username or Email Password. Or KEA0 is the direct T-code. However if you are adding fields outside the “Operating concern” then you need to append the extract structure and populate the fields in user exit using ABAP code. This Table contains Actual transaction data in detail level.

  2711 NL3 PDF

So now you can ReInit. Provide Short, Medium and long descriptions.

BIBO Blog: CO-PA Data Source

KM – Knowledge Management. EP – Enterprise Portal. The advantage of this method is that data is always up-to-date and therefore provides an effective instrument for controlling sales. We have made every effort to make sure provide relevant search results, use the content on this site at your own risk. Again Go enhahcement the T-Code: Questions Categories Tags Users.

Describing the Test Scenarios 4. August 7, at 5: But still i need to get it to BW side…….

SAP BW COPA Extraction in detail, Delta Mechanisms and few challenges faced during Implementation

But before you try to ReInit Enter your new password here. Targets Destination and load the data into respective D ata Targets. In the final target it will reflect as below: Assign the required characteristics to data structure.