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The horrific murder in of year-old Bobby Franks in Chicago by Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb inspired this acclaimed roman à clef. Meyer Levin (October 7, – July 9, ) was an American novelist. Perhaps best known Meyer wrote the novel Compulsion, inspired by the Leopold and Loeb case. The novel, for which Levin was given a Special Edgar Award by. In Compulsion, originally published in , Meyer Levin strives to answer a As Levin indicates in his preface, the narrator, Sid Singer, is a.

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Artie had been superb. Dec 09, Sue rated it really liked it. I was eight years old when I read it for the first time.

Levin, comunque, ricostruisce l’omicidio e compulsuon processo alla ricerca di queste cause. To see things from another area of knowledge, from a fourth dimension which none of them could enter.

There was no question of guilt: When the author, through the voice of his alter ego, cub reporter Sid Silver, says he must imagine certain scenes or thoughts he could not personally witness, he is not merely taking artistic license to justify dramatic moments.

It should be widely read and comprehended. That being the case, one has to wonder if these two had not become such fast friends, introduced by their families because each was a bit of a loner and they had a great deal in common, would Bobby Franks have been allowed to live a long and natural life?

This story is based on a true incident and Meyer Levin has caught it all in his novel. This book explores their mindset and the courts as the trial of them progresses. I was especially drawn to Judd, for he is undoubtedly the more sympathetic of the two boys. Their story has been fictionalized and told in this novel by Meyer Levin. I remember being absolutely horrified when I first read Although Truman Capote is credited with “inventing” the non-fiction novel, Meyer Levin’s Compulsion, written almost 10 years before, really set the stage for the genre.


For to carry out their carefully timed ransom schedule, the Kessler line had to be open for their call.


When their respective alibis collapse, Artie and Judd each confess. Un libro trascinante, interessante e ancora molto attuale.

He was an avid birdwatcher, and actually discovered a species believed to be extinct. Their job now was to prepare the treasure hunt, leading the father from place to place as he picked up these letters.

The tale lfvin told from a psychological viewpoint. What was particularly striking in this writing, and differs from Truman Capote ‘s work, is that the author knew the criminals before their crime and see how he allowed himself to invent different protagonists’ dialogues. The hawk was streaking down, talons open. What many did not perhaps realize then, certainly not their parents, and what Meyer Levin explores, is the imbalance of these two and the strange affinity of their perverse fantasy world along with their homosexual ambivalence: Judd would not have driven past that house; in fact, he would have gone out of his way to avoid it.

Dec 16, Jonathan Papernick levun it it was amazing. It was sensationalized in the media of the time as “the crime of the century” and “the trial of the century.

Compulsion by Meyer Levin

Forse fu il fatto che non aveva una relazione di co-dipendenza e di dominazione-sottomissione con il suo commilitone come quella fra Judd e Artie. We compuslion they went to prison for it. And the court of public opinion influences every aspect of the case. The murderers unsurprisingly have a lot of issues with women, but unfortunately the women in the book seem there to act out the weird ideas.

Compulsion – Fig Tree Books

Levni was a crime in a vacuum, a crime in a perfectly frozen nothingness, where the atmosphere of motive was totally absent. Judd felt slightly piqued that Artie had not come over, first thing in the morning, to share all this with him.

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Levin, infatti, dompulsion esplicitamente di non essere convinto dalla motivazione, portata da Loeb e Leopold qua chiamati Judd e Artiedi un omicidio compiuto per motivi super-omistici: Artie was purposely putting him on pins and needles.

The story was also made into a crime drama film with the same title, featuring Orson Welles.

As you know doubt know by this time your son has been kidnapped. No, they were surely from something else. Subsequently he was an early entrant into Nazi concentration camps as a war correspondent. By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Jan 10, Melki rated it liked it Shelves: The money was proof of their superiority, it was not the motive.

Over and over he drew a hawk. The two of them were tearing around the neighborhood last night looking for Paulie. Apr 12, Bonnie Brody rated it it was amazing. For a new reading generation as well as its loyal fans comes this reissued classic, a riveting and literary thriller about the basic drives that compel us to act in the name of good or evil.

Leopold and Loeb were not serial killers and this was not a crime of passion, greed, or revenge. He was producing one of his sweeping summaries, casting his eye over the entire structure of the law. The boys were homosexually involved as well as fixated on sexual encounters with women.