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South Korea’s top spy agency, the National Intelligence Service, said last week that it is difficult to pinpoint the blame for the Cheonan sinking. ABSTRACT. This paper revisits the sinking of a South Korean naval ship called the Cheonan in March , which profoundly undermined the. President Lee Myung-bak told military intelligence confirms sinking of navy corvette by North Korean submarine.

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North Korean torpedo sank Cheonan, South Korea military source claims

More from the web. On 27 JulyThe Hankyoreh published what it claimed was a detailed summary of snking Russian Navy expert team’s analysis. If the South puppet group comes out with ‘response’ and ‘retaliation’, we will respond strongly with ruthless punishment including the total shutdown of North-South ties, abrogation of the North-South agreement on non-aggression and abolition cheeonan all North-South cooperation projects.

During talks between the American and Chinese governments slnking late MayChinese officials were reported by Yoichi Shimatsua commentator for the Chinese state-run CCTV-9to have claimed that the sinking of Cheonan had been as a result of an American rising minewhich was moored to the seabed and propels itself into a ship detected by sound or magnetics, planted during anti-submarine exercises that were conducted by the South Korean and US navies shortly before the sinking.

Further evidence that the torpedo parts were a plant? Later on 3 April South Korea called off the rescue operation for the missing sailors, after families of the sailors asked for the operation to be suspended for fear of further casualties among the rescue divers. On 3 August Russian UN ambassador Vitaly Churkin stated that his country’s investigative report’s conclusions into the sinking would not be made public.


Korea minister vows retaliation over warship sinking”. Retrieved 26 November High ranking North Korean military officials denounced the international investigation and said North Korea does not have the type of submarines that supposedly carried out the attack.

Analysts said there is little South Korea can do even if Pyongyang is found to be the culprit because a military response was likely to hurt its own recovering economy and bolster North Korean leader Kim Jong-il’s standing at home. Retrieved 2 May This theory, circulating in early May, took a direct hit when the Columbia showed up at its home port of Hawaii a few days later 8. He said, “We have to find the cause in a way that satisfies not only our people but also the international community”.

In no particular order, the top ten theories and unanswered questions on the sinking of the Cheonan are: Discourse over the events leading to the sinking of Cheonan was tightly controlled by the South Korean government in the months after the incident. This page was last edited on 22 Decemberat On 4 May President Lee proposed “extensive reformations” for the South Korean military regarding the sinking incident.

North Korean torpedo sank Cheonan, South Korea military source claims | World news | The Guardian

Since the incident, the South Korean government has been reluctant to engage in further diplomacy with North Korea over disputes such as North Korea’s nuclear weapons program. Glionna 23 July chdonan Peter Foster in Beijing.

What is the Korean Northern Limit Line? Views Read Edit View history.

ROKS Cheonan sinking – Wikipedia

Permanent Mission of France to the United Nations. Retrieved 11 July Advances in Acoustics and Vibration.

China resists calls sinkung punish North Korea over sinking sunking warship. On 21 MayNorth Korea offered to send their own investigative team to review the evidence compiled by South Korea, [] and the Hankyoreh quoted Kim Yeon-chul, professor of unification studies at Inje Universitycommenting on the offer: South Korean navy ship sinks”.


South Korea’s military says that military intelligence gathered with the United States shows that a torpedo fired from a North Korean submarine sank its navy ship Cheonan last month.

Retrieved 30 October News item No Wikinews has related news: The situation is further complicated by the presence of a rich fishing ground used by DPRK and Chinese fishing vessels, and there have been numerous clashes over the years between naval vessels from both sides attempting to chenoan what both sides regard as their territorial waters.

Territorial disputes in East, South, and Southeast Asia.

Archived from the original on 22 May In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Shin 26 May Linked from news item No Retrieved 26 May The team returned to Russia with samples for further physical-chemical analysis.

South Korea warship sinking: the top 10 conspiracy theories

Over 24 military vessels were involved over course of the search-and-rescue effort, [41] including four U. The injunction was denied in court, however, a major cimema chain, Megaboxwithdrew the film after warnings from conservative groups that they planned to picket showings the film. Retrieved 12 April They would revert to a wartime footing in regard to South Korea and disallow any South Korean ships or aircraft to enter the territory of North Korea.