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I have a Remeha Calenta 40C and the built in serial port provides plenty of information on the boiler operations. I have built and installed the. Return and DWH temperatures show for me (Calenta 40C), can you try using the originial OTGW monitor to see if these values are reported by. Calenta 28c Combi Comfort System. Calenta 40c Combi Comfort System manufactured by. Remeha B.V.. Apeldoorn, The Netherlands.

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The Verhulst family wanted their home to be as sustainable as possible.

Remeha Calenta 40c manual

The Remeha Solar Plus system offered them the perfect solution. The system is used for both room heating and domestic hot water. The Verhulst family has been living in a beautiful semi-duplex house near Zutphen 40cc They have wanted a more sustainable home for some time.

  CP A301N PDF

The main goal for them was to minimise their gas consumption and therefore reduce costs as much as possible. Kraus Installatietechniek in Zutphen provided them with the support they needed to have a sustainable home.

Their advice was to install Remeha Solar Plus with solar collectors. This was combined with the previous installation of the Calenta 40C and the Remeha thermostat. Caleta configuration resulted in a combined solar-thermal hybrid system.

Calenta – Remeha – Boiler

This system ensures 04c optimum use of solar energy for hot water and heating. Kraus Installatietechniek is thrilled with Remeha solar systems: We used to assemble these systems. In this new system by Remeha, the control technology, the tank, and its accessories are in a single module. Hove, who works for Kraus, was very enthusiastic about the project implementation.

This was the first time we have installed this specific configuration by Remeha and the installation was flawless. The home owners are also very excited about the complete and sustainable system.


We had already installed a Calenta with a Remeha thermostat here, and we were very satisfied. Everything does what it should calent. The best choice for us!

Solar PlusZutphen. Residential Netherlands Not specified.

Succesful Development Kraus Installatietechniek is thrilled with Remeha solar systems: Utilizamos cookies para asegurar que damos calena mejor experienca al usuario en nuestro sitio web.