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Although Blagojevich is an unsympathetic petitioner, the court should hear his case. The disputed jury instructions pose risks to honest. Rod Blagojevich was convicted of 18 crimes after two jury trials. . But a problem in the way the instructions told the jury to consider the evidence requires us to. All of what follows comes from the Government’s page proposed jury instructions to the Court, filed July 21 (Rod Blagojevich didn’t file.

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Assuming the jury finds agrees there was a “Blagojevich Enterprise”, in order to find Blago guilty of racketeering, the Government says the jury must also find: The bribery definitions are blatojevich to be very important. A pattern of racketeering activity is a continuing pattern of?? The Government says all public officials owe a fiduciary blagojrvich to the public, and in this case: The Government says all public officials owe a fiduciary duty to the public, and in this case:.

Racketeering Count 1Conspiracy to commit racketeering Count 2Wire blagojevch Counts 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13Attempted Extortion Counts 14, 15, 19, and 22Conspiracy to commit extortion Counts 17 and 21Bribery Counts 16 and 20Conspiracy to commit bribery Counts 18 and 23Making false statements to the government Count The Government says it must show either: An official act is any decision or action on any question which may at any time be pending, or which may by law be brought before the public official in his official capacity or in his position of trust.

That seems a makeweight – one where the government can’t prove the underlying RICO case and falls back on “you conspired to do it, even if you failed at it”.

Patti Blagojevich revises history in op-ed as husband Rod seeks Trump commutation

As the Judge and attorneys put the final touches on jury instructions this weekend, I thought a summary of the charges instrudtions former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich and his brother Robert might be helpful for reference during closing arguments and jury deliberations. Wow – the hyperbole machine is in complete overdrive today. Did he illegally take bets? There is continuity between acts if, for example, they are ongoing over a substantial period, or if they are part of the regular way some entity does business or conducts its affairs.


Another concept that’s bound to be confusing for the jury: All of what follows comes from the Government’s page proposed jury instructions to the Court, filed July 21 Rod Blagojevich didn’t file written instructions this week, and Robert’s lawyer only filed five pages of instructions, which I’ll discuss later or in another post. However, the government is not required to prove all uury them. I’ve defended a few RICO cases, all drug-related.

Bribery can be committed when the public official solicits or accepts a benefit or benefits with the understanding that, in exchange ihstructions a specific requested exercise of his official power, the public official will exercise the insteuctions of his position or decision-making to the benefit of the bribe payor as specific opportunities arise.

Patti Blagojevich revises history in op-ed as husband Rod seeks Trump commutation – Chicago Tribune

A prosecutor can credibly threaten a middle-aged man that he will die in a cell unless he gives evidence against his boss. First, that the defendant agreed to accept any property or personal advantage; and Second, that the defendant did so knowing that the property or personal advantage was tendered or promised with intent to cause him to influence the performance of blagpjevich act related to his employment or function as a public officer.

This may also blagljevich a message to other politicians that you can’t get away instructins this stuff. To make a RICO case, Fitz had to come up with other stuff, because a one-time thing will, by definition, fail to meet the continuity element. In considering whether the government has proven a scheme to defraud, it is essential that one or more of the acts charged in the portions of the indictment describing the scheme be proved, establishing the existence of the scheme beyond a reasonable doubt.

They deadlocked on 23 other charges. The potential for wrongful convictions is obvious. It’s easy to spot lines out the door, but some underlying trends are harder instructuons see. The jury was unable to reach a verdict on 23 other counts against him.

Rod Blagojevich: Charges and Jury Instructions – TalkLeft: The Politics Of Crime

Interstate commerce includes the movement of money, goods, services or persons from one state to another. How many times has that happened.


I am surprised that we are not all in jail. Charges and Jury Instructions. June 16, at 1: As to campaign contributions, the Government says: I’m not advocating for it – just saying in this climate where people are really angry at politicians, and they all are instruxtions much showing insttructions to be corrupt liars and sleazy beyond belief, that, regardless of what the evidence shows or doesn’t show, it’s going to be in the jurors’ minds.

How does that differ?

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Wire fraud Counts 4 and 13 13 dismissed before case went to juryConspiracy to commit extortion Count 21Attempted extortion Count 22Conspiracy to commit bribery Count According to the Government:. Acts are related to each other if they are not isolated events, that is, if they have similar purposes, or results, or participants, or victims, or are committed a similar way, or have other similar distinguishing characteristics.

The government must prove the association had some form or structure blagojefich the minimum necessary to conduct the charged pattern of racketeering.

Blagojevich Jury Asks For Clarification Of Key Instruction

Did he have the intent to defraud? In order for the government to demonstrate a scheme to defraud the public of its right to the honest services of a public official, only one participant in such scheme must owe a duty of honest services to the public. The main distinctions between Blago and the run-of-the-mill pol are that Blago was up-front about it and the other pols are more subtle.

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