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Batch Posted: by gshackney. I’ve found a few scripts claiming to do this, but cannot find one that works. Any thoughts?. If you don’t have a copy of AppleWorks any longer or would prefer to batch convert loads of documents at one go, there are a couple of utilities. Cult of Mac reader Nancy S. asks, “How can I convert my Appleworks files to Page files. I have many old files that APple didn’t think were.

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Is there any way to batch convert them into a more usable file format? I don’t think the folks involved are really too worried about formatting, mostly the content.

And, a small moment of silence for the genius that was ClarisWorks. I seem to remember that old versions of iWork were capable of opening AppleWorks files.


You can then save in a variety of formats that you can open on a more modern system. Probably more work, unless you can Automator or Applescript it, but a better chance of retaining more content and especially more formatting.

Thanks cateye and iljitsch. It looks like it’s time to resurrect an old G4 machine and put an old version of iWorks on it.

Updated – Convert System OS 9 AppleWorks 6 Files To OS X Pages Files [OS X Tips] | Cult of Mac

I knew there was a reason I kept all those CDs lying around. Assuming you have apleworks copy of AppleWorks. I had a copy somewhere but I can’t find it now.

applewroks I’m not sure we have a copy of AppleWorks anywhere, but I can ask around. I may be back in the near future to ask for help on the AppleScript I confess AppleScript was something that I just never grokked. I’ll see if I can remember to bring my G5 home from work.


batch converting AppleWorks / ClarisWorks files to RTF or similar

I think I have Appleworks on that and can help you with some Applescript. Not sure if it can open the later Appleworks files, but Apple has many versions of ClarisWorks available for download over here: I know back in the day CW 2.

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