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The Future Lasts Forever: A Memoir. Louis Althusser, Author, Richard Veasey, Translator New Press $25 (p) ISBN In a curiously lucid and compelling narrative, Althusser (), a distinguished neo-Marxist French intellectual, explains his life. The Future Lasts. Forever:The Failure of Auto-Redemption. Catherine A. Poisson. On the 16th of November, , the French philosopher,. Louis Althusser.

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He maintains that the killing of his wife was the manifestation of a kind of “suicide via a third party,” if you will.

Doubtless it also said yes oui a little too readily on my behalf, and I rebelled against foreer ‘yes,’ which corresponded to my mother’s desire rather than to mine. He went to college and never left, staying as a teacher and professional until the awful end. Books by Louis Althusser. A Memoir, By Louis Althusser. Apr 20, Chris Radjenovich rated it it was amazing.

Though this influence is not always explicit, Althusser’s work and that of his students furure to inform the research programs of literary studies, political philosophy, history, economics, and sociology. I think that althusseer experience with psychiatry and i The class on Althusser was being offered my first semester of graduate school. Because LA wrote a memoir in that is also included with the one he wrote after he murdered his wife, both narratives can be compared.

The post murder, LA describes the problems associated with being found incompetent to stand trial and long term institutionalization. By this stage of his book he is discussing his philosophy.

First Thus 1st Printing. It is structured as a flashback, beginning with the scene of crime–the night of the strangulation–and moving backward to Althusser’s relationship with his mother, his upbringing, his relationship with Helene, his intellectual formation and the escalating mental illness that would lead to the murder.

THE FUTURE LASTS FOREVER by Louis Althusser | Kirkus Reviews

Both narrative pay tribute to the role his wife Helene played in his life. Althusser’s sense, since childhood, of his own nonexistence is at its core. Why should we listen to a Freudian, when he admitted Freud was largely impenetrable to him? It was my own personal way, albeit a rather strange one of feeling I was in control of the situation or rather in supreme control of a situation that was in fact beyond my con My mother’s love, directed through me to someone who was dead, made it impossible for me to exist in my own right.


And, some say, the French government is soft on intellectuals.

The Future Lasts Forever: A Memoir

Be the first to discover new talent! Dec 06, Tara rated it really liked it Shelves: I think the post murder narrative is more fluid and coherent. Althusser’s story, they argue, is both the work of a madman and of a philosopher, both a work of imagination and a document about contemporary French intellectual history. As a person alsts unfit to plead, he lost his right to a trial–that is the right to testify and be held responsible for his actions; he lost his right foorever enter into contract his affairs would be handled by a legal guardian and hence by extension–at least symbolically–his signature, his authorship.

Having murdered the one person he could atlhusser to–and on whom he totally depended–Althusser was confined, in spite of public outrage, to an insane asylum, deprived by his mental condition of a public trial and defense.

The Future Lasts Forever

The two pieces, which predictably recount many of the same events from the author’s life, are haunting to read next to each other. It’s bound to offend some as a “justification” for what he’s done, but Althhusser himself knew this. Louis Pierre Althusser — was one of the most influential Marxist philosophers of the 20th Century.

Written four years after the murder of his wife, Althusser goes on to reflect on the factors that led to him doing it, though he encourage readers to “judge the results for themselves” since he writes the book for his own use, since he realized he was damned either way as a criminal or a paranoid schizophrenic.

Luke Revel-Burroughes rated it really liked it Aug 03, The Future Lasts Forever: So one is left in a strange position. Savas rated it it was amazing Mar 27, We are also provided wonderful reflections on private conversations with intellectual giants like Foucault. A disturbing, demanding memoir that illustrates the alliance of genius and madness, the delusive clarity of which the insane are capable, and the enormous influence they can acquire over the thinking of others.


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I am or so pages in, and promise you it’s a fascinating read. I have found his structuralist interpretations of Capital to be extremely insightful, as well as his work alrhusser Marx’s ‘epistemological break,’ though his Freudian and Lacanian readings of M Althusser became one ufture the most respected and interesting philosophers of Marxism in France during the ‘s and 60’s, which is no small accomplishment considering the fact that practically every intellectual was writing about Marx at the same time.

Born inLouis Althusser was one of the most influential French thinkers of the post-war period. Return to Book Page. Advanced Book Search Browse by Subject.

By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Both narratives have a consistent psychoanalytic interpretation that revolves around his mother and feeling like he really does not exist.

The Future Lasts Forever: A Memoir by Louis Althusser

Frank Dimarco rated it really liked it Jul 01, The tale becomes vastly more compelling after Althusser meets his wife Helene, who becomes a wonderfully intriguing, terribly trying character, somewhat reminiscent, I thought, of Nicole from “Tender is the Night”. Showing best matches Show all copies. Astley Book Farm Althisser Althusser, calling himself a “missing person,” claims to be writing his memoir from this “non-place. The New Press Distributed by W.

I was immediately and irresistibly seductive and successful The elegant theorist, the man who redefined the concept of “ideology” as “our imaginary relationship to real conditions of existence” and who fought against a purely economistic interpretation of the works of Marx, had shuttled back and forth between the Ecole Normale and the psychiatric Hospital Sainte Anne at regular intervals for many, many years.