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UHF Wireless System Diversity, 30 MHz Bandwidth, Up to 8 frequencies can be operated simultaneously per frequency band, Frequency scan, 50 mW. When you use the AKG WMS Presenter wireless system, you’ll enjoy easy operation, dependable performance, and fantastic audio quality. Just push one. Buy AKG WMS Presenter Set Wireless Microphone System Bundle w/Cable and Cloth: Wireless Headset Microphones – ✓ FREE DELIVERY.

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I’ve always been impressed with the audio quality of the series, and presuming that AKG would have made improvements not only in terms of audio quality but in other domains as well, I was encouraged to spend some time with the system.


The vocal set consists of an HT handheld transmitter, an SR diversity receiver, and a D5 dynamic mic element capsule. AKG dms a condenser element available as well, the C5, and I’ve always had great experiences presemter AKG’s condenser mics my favorite mic for my own vocal is the C but their dynamic mics are also very good. AKG has aimed all along with the WMS series to thread the needle—to find the perfect compromise between a quality wireless system and simplicity in terms of operation.

I presumed that this is what I would find with the new variant. I unboxed the handheld first and found the mic with its D5 element attached, the receiver, ptesenter antennae, the power supply, a battery, and a mic clip. I installed the battery and applied power into the receiver. The power cord connects with a screw-on type coaxial plug that prevents a loss of power due to the plug being yanked out. This is a big deal to me.

Review: Audio Review: AKG WMS 470 Wireless Microphone System

I have wireless transmitters and receivers at my church that lose power for this reason all too frequently, requiring me to troubleshoot through the system and crawl around to get it reconnected. I always like when manufacturers hear what their customers have to say, and incorporate the suggestions. I connected the antenna, and then the output to my mixer.

Upon powering up both ends of the system, the receiver immediately started looking for available channels. Once it found the available channels, it locked on to the signal from the handheld.


I reprogrammed the handheld with the frequency of the receiver with AKG’s infrared communications system—a very simple process—and I dialed up a clear frequency and put the receiver into IR programming mode. I then pointed the IR sensor toward the receiver at a distance of about four inches and pressed the input button.

Review: Audio Review: AKG WMS Wireless Microphone System – Church Production Magazine

The receiver programmed the transmitter via IR to its same frequency. Luckily the menu structure of this receiver is quite simple, with no complex menu-diving. The backlit LCD displays zet segmented bar-graph fashion the RF strength of the carrier to which it’s tuned, as well as audio level, on the left and right sides of the display, respectively.

The center of the display is focused on frequency, group number, channel, and menu navigation information. It also indicates which parameter is being adjusted during editing, and the mode of the system.

There is a dedicated lock indicator, and display of available channels as well. I like the soft backlight—the display doesn’t poke me in the eye in a darkened environment.

The HT handheld transmitter is very simple and straightforward. From the performer’s standpoint, there’s very little to consider—just a single slider switch with three positions: It has an LCD display to indicate frequency and other programming-oriented information.

Its dynamic capsule sounds very good, and since most performers are accustomed to using dynamic mics, the proximity effect of this dms is familiar to them.

The mic grants a round, qkg representation of the vocalist’s voice.

I had several people, male and female, do both spoken and sung vocals, and I was very pleased with the results. This is nothing new, though—I’ve always been very happy with the sound of AKG wireless mics.

Both sounded great—these are condenser mics in a cardioid pattern to provide a lot more gain-before-feedback than their omnidirectional counterparts would. These would typically be used by a pastor, and both work well in that role.

I’m not a big fan of a lavalier mic on the pastor; my own pastor being a perfect example of why not.


He’s very animated, and when turning one’s head from side to side or looking up, the signal is attenuated and the high end rolled off, since the mouth is not located where it was likely located akgg level check was performed. All the dynamics processing in the world simply cannot compensate for this attenuation, so I wns putting a headworn on my pastor. I know some pastors are not fond of this type of mic, but the AKG CL is quite comfortable with its round-the-back-of-the-head, dual-ear-clip presentfr, which fixes the mic’s element in position better than any other headworn mic I’ve ever seen.

It also does presentter require a lot of monkeying around to get it adjusted properly. Being condenser mics, and the CK99L even boosts the output deliberately above 10 kHz to give some of that air. Both the bodypack and the handheld transmitters are powered by AA batteries, including rechargeables, and AKG offers the CU charging stand, as well, so batteries can be charged right inside the mics without the need [to remove] them.

This feature is perfect for most churches—pastors and performers simply return their mics to an audio tech, who drops them into the charger base so they’re guaranteed to be fully charged and ready to go for the next service. In my mind, the pricing is surprisingly low, considering the quality and ease of use. These mics are spot on for church use, and well worth a look if you’re in the market.

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About Us Subscribe Editorial Advertise. Back to Search Results. Step by step I unboxed the handheld first and found the mic with its D5 element attached, the receiver, the antennae, the power supply, a battery, and a mic clip. Headworn and lav considerations I unboxed the presentfr set and spent some time with the headworn CL and lavalier CK99L mics.