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Chanters offer a wide array of skills that offer party members with defensive and offensive buffs, mantras which passively increase stats to party members, bring strong burst and single target heals for party members, and bring enough damage to the table themselves when going into melee range and smacking things. My name is Yec from Siel Elyos. What is a Chanter? A Chanter is a chain class in Aion that wields staffs, maces, and shields in order to beat back foes with physical damage, and heal and buff allies with protective mantras and spells.

A jack of all trades, Chanters are a flexible class that works extremely well in both solo and group situations.

Chanters are in a unique ain in Aion. Chanters also bring some of the strongest defensive cooldowns in the game with Block Curtain, Elemental Screen, and the Archdaeva Word of Protection allowing groups to cheese certain mechanics or simply make things healable.

If you want to be taken to everything, aioon the flexibility to do many roles, and are okay with the sacrifice of less vhanter DPS, the Chanter may be the right class for you. Instantly recovers HP of a target within 25m radius oline then recovers HP every 2 sec for 6 sec.

DPS chanter?

Recovers the HP of a target within guidf radius by Recovers the HP of group members within 20m radius by every 2 sec for 10 sec. Instantly restores the HP of a target within 23m radius by 92, then heals 92 HP every 2 sec for 38 sec.

This lasts until the curtain blocks damage on the person.

Increase Physical Defense and All Elemental Defense of individual and up to 6 group members within 20m by and respectively for 30 seconds. You can parry 2 physical attacks from enemies within 20m of you or group members for 10 sec, and your magical suppression is increased by Inflicts – physical damage on a target.

Inflicts – physical damage on a target within 25m, and deals further damage every 3 sec for 12 sec. Inflicts – physical damage on a stunned or stumbled target gguide 25m radius and binds it for 3 sec. Mantras are one of the main reason Chanters are a thing. They are powerful auras that the Chanter can swap in and out of. In general, you only care about 4 of these.

Increases Speed of individual group members within 25m radius by However, you can only have 3 on at once. Chanters are able to specialize in one of 3 ways: Full Support, Full Damage, or Hybrid.

Keep in mind that Chanters main Vision middle Stigma, Word of Instigation is very important for most groups: This skill is what makes chanters adored, beyond their powerful mantras.

In the majority of cases you will be running a build onlime allows you to pick this up as the attack increase alone for physical classes, on top of the Invincibility Mantra buff, increases the power of all physical attackers immensely. Note that Chanters themselves do not care or really want this buff: For this reason you should always remember to buff Ascension Spell on yourself before using Word of Instigation as it will prevent Word of Onkine from applying to yourself when you buff it.


Full support builds are generally the most common in every from of grouping the chanter does. In general, you will probably be in this stigma setup the most amount of the time.

Full damage builds are for 1v1 situations such as Chaos, Discipline, and Tenacity Arenas as well as any open world roaming with yourself and a duo partner. Mountain Crash can be changed wtih Word of Protection or Disorienting Blow against classes with low stuns or stumble immunity or resistance such as Gladiators onilne Templars. Hybrid builds tend to only be for PVP encounters which you do not need Word of Instigation but still want to bring defensive utility.

Generally only useful if you are healing a full magic damage PVP group that does not need the skill. Too many to name. Hybrid setups take what are needed from your supportive buffs and flex them in any stigma slot you want. Experiment with what your group needs. It has a 5 second cooldown but lasts 38 seconds allowing you to cycle it on everyone in a 6 man party. Keep recovery spell on the tank or person tanking the most damage. Try to be efficient with Healing Burst. Spam healing light in any downtime and spot heal.

Prioritize keeping things on cooldown. However, due to the fact that Mantras and Inspiration do not scale off any gear of your chanyer, you can basically be naked and still be useful to a group as long as you stand there.

Alas, you still need to focus on getting some gear because nobody wants to see someone naked without some benefits. Chanters in PVE will generally need specific HP amounts in order to live through all attacks and heal others.

Remember that if a Chanter dies, the effect is immediately felt as all Mantras chznter and Inspiration will no longer be going out. In some cases, this can result in physical DPS in your group going down by a third or more. There are three major breakpoints in PVE gearing as a chanter: Focus on getting 15, HP to start with for all entry level content.

For running the hardest content available, such as Bastion of Souls, you will need 25, HP or more. Now how do you get these numbers? Put in HP 85 or 95 stones, you will not need to break the bank for this. Also work on getting a Pure Plume. This may onlinf a lot of kinah if you are not lucky with events or work on one yourself, but the HP increase is large and makes everything easier. PVP is a whole different ballgame for Chanters. Unlike other pure DPS classes, Chanters can fill both the support role.

Chanters need multiple to be effective in PVP: If you want to focus on getting a defensive support set first in order to get into instances and get your other stuff faster, I highly recommend getting a Strike Resist set to hold you over. To do this, simply buy a Mythic Blood Mark set from the Abyss landings, socket full Strike Resist 22s in all armor, weapon, and shield, and have good accessories.

An example of this gear: I suggest you skip gearing for Magic Resist unless you have excess money as the amount of Magical Accuracy classes have access guode are very high right now and requires an investment in order to have an effect.


Which results in double the metals and AP. Therefore, a cheap option is aon go for the Arena Gear. An example of this cheap gear: You can get respectable stats. An example of this type of set: A good goal order for PVP gearing is: You do more damage with the top half, but the bottom will reduce damage which is effective both as a support chanter AND as an offensive chanter. Pretty simple for chanters, to be honest. Things to add later: The extra flight speed is nice, and also, the flight time recovery by 3 seconds is good for when you get your wings clipped and you’ve lost the flight recovery buff from the landing due to dying.

Also also, Word of Inspiration can be nice to keep in your inventory for when you have a hybrid build that doesn’t give the Word of Instigation vision stigma. Obviously not as onlline as Instigation, but as least your group is still getting something. I will be using it to get back into playing chanter.

Used to be a very lovely class back before 4. They were lovely back when they were mantra bots? I know that feels. Was always nice to have them, but hey, they are still useful!

Also it’s a defensive mantra at the same time. Easy example, imagine there are two equally geared groups. But then group Guidd has Hit Mantra on.

Group A magic DPS now have crit spell, clerics have spell resist. So group A magic DPS have Either this or I’m not too updated with 5.

The Ultimate Introduction to Chanters [PVE, PVP] – Classes Discussion – Aion Online

If the enemy has enough strike resist, your hit mantra will do effectively nothing. If they are not strike resist, then it’s completely overkill as people have enough crit strike from gear to be crit capped. Non gear capped players do not have the effective spell resist or spell crit to make effective use of those stats. HP sets are more of a legacy from when Infinity Shard came out and people didn’t want to get one-shot by Hyperion’s nukes which still didn’t require an HP set if you were smart about your CDs, but that’s asking too much for the average player nowadays I guess.

Even a low budget Strike Resist set can reach 1. SR is a good baseline for a cheap and effective melee defensive set but not the endgoal.

Block is still more effective if you can make it and if you can make Agi 10 SR with Arena or something, chances are you can invest a little bit more and make a HP10 Boundless Block.

And yes, I’m aware low budget strike resist can hit that number. In terms of HP values, its obviously not advised to completely stack HP. It’s obviously a waste after a certain point. It’s an introduction to chanters, not the min max version. In BOS, it’s required and will be looked for.

It’s not like other PVE content which you can cheese a bit and predict things with defensive skills.